Zebra Jasper

Metaphysical properties of Zebra Jasper by Atena

Zebra Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony quartz, composed of Silicon dioxide, usually with impurities of iron oxides or organic substances that give it it's unique color veriety.

all verieties of Jasper are well-know as ornamental stones. Jasper is is carved into ornamental objects, and is used as an inexpensive gemstone in jewelry, most commonly as beads in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It is a favorite among amateur gem cutters, as it is very diverse and fairly inexpensive.

It is most commonly found in Africa, India and Brazil.

Zebra Jasper is the stone of blancing the opposites or extremes. It offers calming of a broken heart and a helps reduce stress and releaive tension. 

It calms nerves in arguments helping both sides of the disagreement to seen more clearly. It's calming properties are held up with the purity of thought and intention. This stone will help you see a broader spectrum of any situation and gain deeper understanding of opposing views.

It is a good stone carry into negotioations or bargening but it will not always aid you in getting the your best deal, as it will inspire fairness and even distribution of benefit.

Zebra Jasper Inspires consolation, grounding, reduction of stress and tension

Chakra - Root, Crown

Zodiac - Libra, Virgo

Planet – Jupiter

Element – Earth



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